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Jude Skeers curated an exhibition of works by 14 members of the Art & Craft Society of NSW, it is coming to Brisbane and includes jewellery.

The official opening of "Craft NSW at Gallery 159" - An exhibition of Craft work, by selected member of The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW will be 3:30 for 4pm on Sunday, 26th October. 

The exhibition will run OCTOBER 26th - NOV 2nd 2014.

Micahel Rippoll Metropolis -   Inspired by images from the Fritz Lang film these are a continuation of my exploration into anti-bling. I don't much like shiny, pristine highly-polished jewellery which shows no sign of being made by human hands. I make jewellery by torturing, beating up and generally mistreating silver. I like silver with a past.

Exhibitors have been invited from a wide range of disciplines including jewellery, ceramics, wood, glass and textiles. The following members of the Society have been invited to participate in the exhibition. Michael Ripoll – Jewellery, Val Aked – Jewellery, Regina Krawts – Bead jewellery, Alan Ussher – Glass, Neville Wostear – Wood, Martha Catano – Textile pictures, Jane Hinde – Textile (Surface Design), Mary Hawkins – Weaving, Nanette Goodsell – Woven baskets, Pat Haywood - Ceramics, Glen Doyle – Wire sculpture, Isabel Correa – Nanduti, Helen MacRitchie – Felt, Jude Skeers – Knitting.  Sydney based Jane Hinde, one of the exhibitors, and the current President of The Society of Arts and Crafts NSW will attend the opening on Sunday October 26th.

All welcome. (GALLERY 159: * TAFTA’s dedicated gallery space, is at the back of the property at 159 Payne Road (The Gap, Brisbane) and is not readily visible from the street, but a Large Arrow will guide you. Gallery 159 is open weekdays when an exhibition is in place, 11am-4pm, Sat/Sun. It is open weekdays by appointment ring (07) 3300.6491 or email to confirm your plans).

TAFTA is The Australian Forum for Textile Arts.

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